If your veteran recruiting efforts are not what you envisioned, Your Corporate Allies, LLC can help.

Your Corporate Allies, LLC partners with your recruiting team. We engage the veteran and service members already employed  in your organization to ensure your recruiting efforts are a success. We are not a veteran recruiting agency, but we are linked to several that can meet your needs.

Culture Competence Training

Just as your company has its own unique customs and culture, each military branch has similar, but different traditions and norms.  Your Corporate Allies, LLC offers customizable training programs to highlight the commonalities between the different cultures.

Veteran Hiring Fairs

Regardless if your company is hosting a veteran hiring fair or are participating at prominent veteran fairs, Your Corporate Allies, LLC organizes your veterans to contribute to the planning  and participate in the event. The veteran to veteran bond is immediate and significantly improves your results.

Recruiter Training

In addition to the Culture Competence training,  Your Corporate Allies, LLC offers instruction for recruiters on how to read military resumes, the military transition experience and understanding military interview behaviors.

Connection to Veteran Talent Pools

Your Corporate Allies, LLC leverages the contacts your veterans already have to access military talent pools.  Your Corporate Allies, LLC empowers your veterans to coordinate and build relationships with local veterans service agencies.