Your Corporate Allies, LLC understands a combined and coordinated effort is critical to long term success. We partner your veterans with your leadership team to create programs that attract and retain veterans.

Veteran Employee Survey

Knowing how your company’s culture and leadership is perceived internally, as well as what motivates your veterans’ provides a clear path to retention success.  Your Corporate Allies, LLC administers surveys to assess various aspects of the veteran experience within your company.

Onboarding Buddy Program

Successful integration of recently separated veterans into your corporate culture requires a multi-faceted approach.  Your Corporate Allies, LLC engages your veteran employees and organizes them into a culturally familiar ‘Battle Buddy’ experience. Your new employees are engaged and excited about working at your company, while your current veterans are provided a sense of purpose and an opportunity to serve.

Career Mentoring Program

Your Corporate Allies, LLC provides a structure for recently hired military members to receive long term career coaching from your experienced veteran employees to provide  to recently hired military members. Experienced veterans become a bridge between military experience and corporate knowledge.

Role-to-Rank Assessment

There is a difference between rank and professional affiliation. Your Corporate Allies, LLC engages your veterans to cross match position descriptions into an approximate rank and experience equivalent in the military.  Beyond the military skills translator, your recruiters are better able to determine the appropriate fit depending on military rank and experience.

Professional Development and Career Advancement

According to the VetAdvisor & IVMF 2014 Veteran Job Retention Survey, one of the top reasons veterans leave is a lack of career advancement.  Career progression happens differently in the military than in the corporate workplace.  Your Corporate Allies, LLC provides a veteran friendly career advancement process to  bridge the gap between the military and corporate approaches.