Unused talents gives you no advantage over someone who has no talent at all.”

– Mark Twain

Your Corporate Allies, LLC has a variety of enterprise scalable programs and services to bring out the skills and capabilities which your military and veteran employees developed during their time in service, and apply them to your current business needs.

Your Corporate Allies, LLC provides results using a variety of delivery modes including:

  • Keynote Presentations & Lectures – Designed to motivate and encourage your military and veteran employees to rally behind the mission.
  • Training Workshops – Give your non-veteran employees a basic understanding of and appreciation for the military perspective of leadership.
  • Assessments & Evaluations – Help determine a true ‘baseline’ of how engaged your team is, both from a veteran and non-veteran perspective.
  • Consulting & Program Development – For the times when you want help getting it right the first time, we can help you implement a variety of programs.
  • Best Practices & Reference Materials – Access to us, our materials and training aids for ‘train the trainer’ situations where you want to maximize your reach across the enterprise in a scalable, expedited fashion.

Our approach of engaging your current employees creates significant improvements in Veteran recruiting efforts, retention, leadership development, employee engagement and a renewed culture of loyalty and service.

Veteran Recruiting  

Your veterans will work within your organization to provide cultural insights and assist in recruiting additional military members. Your organization experiences significant increases in veteran applications and hiring.

Veteran Employee Retention

Your veterans become part of the “on boarding” process for newly hired veterans.  They create and grow a community within your organization to improve retention of military members.

Leadership Development – Employee Engagement

Your veterans mentor and coach supervisors and managers on leadership to create a culture of respect and trust. Serving their coworkers, veterans’ discover a sense of purpose and meaning. Employees enjoy working on effective cohesive teams in supportive environment. The company experiences higher productivity and profitability.

SerVETude – Community Engagement

Your Veterans take the lead to coordinate opportunities to serve in the local community, enhancing the reputation and brand experience for your company in the communities you serve.