Your Corporate Allies, LLC leverages the skills of the veterans and military members within your workforce to create effective cohesive teams and a corporate culture of service and loyalty.

No one has committed more resources to developing the capabilities of their people than the US military. The very same people that now work in your organization and are ready to continue their service to the advancement of your people, your customers and your business. From the founding of America, to today’s complex global environment, mission success relies on the adaptability, agility, ingenuity, decisiveness and morale of the organization’s people. Your veterans are the key to your success.

Whether you are seeking to improve your veteran recruiting efforts, veteran retention or employee engagement – we help you connect to the untapped talent pool of veterans already in your company.  We offer a variety of enterprise scalable delivery packages that are adaptable to your unique business challenges.

Your Concerns

Recruiting and hiring veterans is the right thing to do.  Your organization makes a concerted effort to attract highly skilled, dedicated, self-motivated, focused and responsible veterans, but you feel as though you could do better.  Knowing what attracts service members remains elusive.

Your company offers an outstanding benefits package, and competitive wages. You have been rated in the top percentage as an “awesome employer” in various business magazines. However, veterans are not responding to your efforts or applying for open positions.

Retaining your newly hired veterans is an ongoing challenge. Your organization recognizes the value of hiring military members. Their work ethic, loyalty, technical skills and integrity are second to none. You have veteran recruiting initiatives, affinity groups, awareness events and special benefits, but 65% still leave within the first two years. **

Your veterans have not developed a sense of cohesion, feel constrained by a siloed work environment and perceive a lack of growth opportunities. With no prospects to use their skills and abilities, there is a lack of meaningfulness and purpose in their work.

Employee Engagement is as important to your organization as your product. Unfortunately, it’s not getting any better, according to Gallup it’s at 30% and remaining flat.* You’ve tried it all, team building, lectures, posters, perks with no improvement.

Your employees are talented and want to do good work. They lack vision, purpose and direction. They feel unable to take initiative, ownership and risks that might jeopardize their career safety.

Our Mission

Your Corporate Allies, LLC leverages the skills of the veterans and military members within your workforce to create effective cohesive teams and a corporate culture of service and loyalty.  We collaborate with your veterans to create a win-win-win-win program that ensures continued success.

Your organization wins: Through increased profitability, a (happier workplace), decreased absenteeism, and lower turnover, to name a few.

Your leadership team wins: Through ongoing leadership development and personal growth through mentoring focused on creating ownership, a sense of purpose and a collaborative approach to training and development.

Your employees win: Through a leadership team that creates a sense of community and caring and they understand how their individual efforts contribute to the greater success of the company and your customers.

Your military employees win: Through an opportunity to serve which creates a clear sense of purpose. They build camaraderie and apply their skills and military training to create an environment of success for their fellow employees.

Mission Accomplished

  • Veterans in your organization are actively involved in and improve effectiveness of veteran recruiting efforts.
  • Increased employee retention and productivity.
  • Increases of up to 20+ percentage points in employee engagement scores.
  • Dramatic improvement in profitability, quality and customer service.
  • Renewed purpose and meaning for military members through service to their corporate community.
  • Expert leadership, timely feedback and support for managers/supervisors.
  • Focus and commitment on employee development.
* Gallup State of the American Workplace © 2013
** Veteran Job Retention Survey, VetAdvisor & IVMF 2014